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    Default Lily / Lilial

    Compiled from the Note Identification Project thread:

    Lilial: on my skin, the longer lasting of the three. It is somewhat waxy and conveys a "memory" of LotV, like the traces you smell in a room where someone wearing a LotV scent has been. I could easily take it for the scent of lilac instead.

    Lilial: could barely smell this one - wet floral, quite sweet.

    Lillial Another lovely, delicate white flower. I have to go outside to smell these lily synthetics, but its worth the effort. This one is stronger than the former; however, care must be taken not to bury with other notes it in a perfume. No wonder lily often appears in old-fashioned aldehydic, floral-only perfumes.

    Lilial floral but not necessarily muguet a bit harsh in fact especially after it is on my skin for a bit.

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    Along with the waxy component, is there any.. hmm, how do I describe this texture... I guess I'd say chalkiness, to it?

    Does it smell at all like iris? For those who think it turns harsh on the skin, in which way does it become harsh? Does it obtain a sharp/piercing texture, does it begin to smell like ammonia, etc?

    Also, does anyone know how this note is typically used? It seems to appear in a lot of scents. I'm imagining it is usually used as a 'rounding agent', to smooth rough edges and perhaps add a bit of a thicker/waxier texture to the scent.
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    A wonderful combination of Lilacs and Watermelon Jolly Ranchers.

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