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Thread: Guerlain Legacy

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    An uncle of mine recently passed away and among the effects that I inherited were a Baccarat Shalimar perfume bottle of my grandmother's (she only wore Shalimar and Bellodgia) and a huge one quart bee decanter of Guerlain's Imperiale. The Shalimar bottle, in its presentation case is empty except for some dregs and looks like an ounce. The Imperiale, which was my uncle's and is newer is half full--the juice has turned a bit--still recognizable as Imperiale but with a slight turpentine note. The label says "New York distributor" at the bottom. He also liked Vetiver and there were a few half used bottles of vintage cologne that are in great shape and will allow me to test the old against my new (re-issued) Vetiver. No wonder I like Guerlain myself so much.... it must run in the blood. Has anyone else ever inherited artifacts like these?

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    Congratulations on these items! Never inherited anything like this but my parents wore Guerlain. Post pics when you can!

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