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    Default Fragrance Samples question

    So I am planning on ordering about 6 samples online, but the samples without the sprayer are about .75 cheaper than the ones with the sprayer. $.75 adds up fast (especially when your ordering 6. Is it really worth it or no?

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    Default Re: Fragrance Samples question

    If you bill on an hourly basis, yes. The time spent fussing with the little plastic caps, spilling bits on your fingers, figuring out how to apply (by yourself then consulting threads here about cotton buds and 'dab vs spray' etc.), then spilling a bit more, wiping it off and so on adds up to at least 75 c of my time that would be better spent enjoying the scent after a quick spray has settled in a nice diffused way on my wrist in a matter of seconds.

    Just my opinion of course . . .

    PS The only ones I wouldn't bother with a spray are the splash type EdCs which generally come without a spray anyway.
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    Default Re: Fragrance Samples question

    I very much agree with the post above. Do note also that some fragrances in general(not only EDCs) have been discussed to be better off dabbed than sprayed. so it depends what your getting as well.

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    Default Re: Fragrance Samples question

    Some of the stronger stuff -- like Montale or Amouage -- are better in dab vials: you can really control how much you apply.
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