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    Straddling Z

    When I was fifteen, I had a twenty-two-year-old boyfriend.* He had dark waving hair, almond eyes, and a jaw you could cut paper on.* He was also so vacuous my family called him ?the village idiot,? but that?s another story.* My boyfriend drove a low-slung orange 240Z in 1978, but the car wasn?t the only place where the letter Z played a role in* his life ? he also wore Halston Z-14 cologne. Granted, I was only fifteen, but I couldn?t believe a man could smell so good.* Z-14 had tang as well as musky darkness, and it seemed to match my boyfriend?s dark, good looks.* But my fascination with the fragrance went beyond wanting to smell it on him.* I liked the scent so much I bought a bottle and started wearing it myself.*


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    Loved this article!

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