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    Default Looking for a similar frag to Lush Potion

    Potion is a now-discontinued Lush fragrance, sold in solid tins - it's also the same scent as their Potion body cream and Ruby Slippers bubble bar. Here's a description:

    "However, last weekend on a trip to Halifax I bought a scent that really can be described as "unbelievably strong clove carnation": a solid fragrance called Potion.

    For what it's worth, here's Sanchez' opinion of Potion:

    The first thing that strikes you when you unscrew the container is a wallop of clove. The rest is a carnation, straightforward and unambitious.

    Not quite, I'd say. There's a rosy touch to the scent, and I think a thread of patchouli running through it. (The ingredients list mentions eugenol, the molecule that gives cloves and carnations their spiciness; rose and carnation absolutes; and tangerine oil. However, none of these is likely to be a major component of the aroma, because the second ingredient, after the carrier wax, is "perfume", which could be anything and is certain to be mostly or entirely synthetic. The natural essential oils, I expect, are primarily window-dressing, in the same way that "fruit drinks" contain "5% real juice". I could be wrong, but at that price, I doubt it.)

    Still and all, it is mostly carnation.....carnation doesn't need to be ambitious: it just needs to be itself, and Potion does that very well. It's not pure carnation; it's got a certain attack-dog quality (that clovey eugenol) and an earthiness to cut through the potential prettiness. But it's very nice."

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    Default Re: Looking for a similar frag to Lush Potion

    I think L eau by Diptique is very similar, just a little more sophisticated though, with geranium and sandalwood that make it more gentle

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