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Thread: The Odd Way

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    Default The Odd Way

    This is the report of an experience i have made in Greece recently and I not only want to share it but also say thanks for the idea which others (such as Dimitri if I recall correctly).

    But lets start with the beginning :
    I love threads where other BNs stumble over flacons that not only contain great perfume but that have a history, such as a sealed ancient bottle of No. 5 which might be found in the charity store around the corner and might have been the long treasured memory of ones grandmother. I dont know, something like that.
    Anyways, I have yet to find a charity store in Berlin and none of the too darn well organised antiquary sellers had any flacons.
    But when I happend to attend to a study journey through Greece, especially Athens (the culture of the ancient Greeks is stunning) I passed this, whats the word, huckster? Totally relaxed owner and the whole thing looking like it might have been in precisely this condition for a century. Having already continued 10 metres i remembered the stories from here and went back. So inside there actually was a cabinet with empty flacons, well nearly all of them where empty.
    There still were two or three bottlesat least nearly full.
    One was inrecognisalbe, one was 4711 and one was a nearly full bottle of Givenchy 3.
    I asked him whether i could smell it and he passed the bottle.
    I have no clue how old it actually is but its a 120 ml splash-on with a golden, cicular emblem and "givenchy, 120ml, 4oz, made in france" engraved into the bottom.
    While I have no comparison, not to speak of the vintage version, i have no clue if the juice still is what it was. But still, it is divine.
    The aldehydes are prominent at first, so are rose and jasmin in the middle, oakmoss and patchouli in the drydown. I'm not (yet) able to pick notes more detailedly to pieces but coming to this fragrance im happy about it. I dont wont to specify.I want to see the whole thing. Beatiful. Elegant.
    I dont know how biased I am becasue I wanted this fragrance in this flakon to be great but actually i dont even care, I love it, I dont mind why.

    Im just glad I had your great reports to wake my interest in antique stores.
    So thanks for yourinput, thanks for experience sharing,
    I guess what i mean is

    thanks for being such an awesome community where people benefit so greatly from each other.
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    Default Re: The Odd Way

    Great to hear! Isn't Givenchy III well-liked around here? One thing I want to do when visit another city, state or country is a perfume shop or an antique store to check out the perfumes haha! Thanks for sharing your story!

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