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    Default LArtisan Cote dAmour

    Anyone tried this?

    From Luckyscent:

    Salty and stylish, LArtisan Parfumeur second entry in their organic, Ecocert-certified collection, was created by Celine Ellena, and the family trademark of complex transparency is delightfully obvious in this olfactory journey along the Loire coast of France. Calm and cooling, the fragrance is a vision of the sea off-seasonimagine deserted dunes, the tiny yellow suns of immortelle flowers, gorse blossom and broomthe indescribable, haunting, green, earthy and floral fragrance carried by the windthe bright, dry aroma of cypressthe tranquilly and the quiet, the absolute carelessness of a long, leisurely vacationthis is Cte dAmour! Salty rather than aquatic, neither obviously herbal, nor floral, nor woody, this oddly beautiful creation defies categorizations. A must have to survive the heat of the summer and the gloom of the winter!

    Cote dAmour Notes: green tangerine, pink grapefruit, rosemary, dune immortal flower, cypress, gorse blossom, rose, broom, heather
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    Default Re: LArtisan Cote dAmour

    Just that...
    I might come across my sample vial some time in the future, but won't be rushing to it. Just a cologne.

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    Default Re: LArtisan Cote dAmour

    I recently bought a bottle of last year's L'Eau de Jatamansi, and now I'm almost addicted. Jatamansi has much more staying power on me than I expected, and it blooms in the heat almost like magic.

    Cote d'Amour sounds wonderful. I'm a little afraid to try it because my expectations are very high.

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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: LArtisan Cote dAmour

    Celine Ellena sure does love those salty notes, doesn't she?

    I loved L' Eau de Jatamansi, so I'm looking forward to sniffing this one too.
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