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    Default Is this book worth getting?


    Im on Amazon and about to buy another book, but want to get enough in my cart to equal $25. Is this book good?

    I really enjoyed The Emperor of Scent, The Secret of Scent, & What The Nose Knows by Avery Gilbert. I am interested in the technology and business of the f&f industry, so this seems like its something I would enjoy, but I ask because its possible the book fails. From the Amazon preview, from what I saw in the Index, he spends very little time on the specific areas of interest I have.
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    Default Re: Is this book worth getting?

    I haven't read it, but from my look at what you've given, it seems like a bit of an infomercial to me. The description and the author stuff sound about as close to a press release for a new product as I've seen on Amazon. That much said, it does sound interesting - but definitely more short-term and practical than what I see your interests as being (as in, how can a company make money with scent right now? And oh-by-the-way, the main author just happens to have....).

    If you do get it, you should blog a review for us. It might give you some ideas, too, or at least provide some insight into what has been done already in some of these areas.
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