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    Thumbs up M. Micallef - Le Seducteur

    Need to add the brand L' Antichambre to the directory. Once it is added to directory I will be happy to add the fragrances to it with reviews that I have tried. thank you.
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    Default Re: M. Micallef - Le Seducteur

    Thanks for posting your review Buzzlepuff - it took me a day to find this 'missing fragrances' column - which sort of figures, doesn't it? I received a sample of this with an order and am enjoying it though not quite sure what to make of it - it's an unusual one as I don't have a reference (haven't tried the VC&A or PdH) but there is something familiar in there - it shares a 'quality' with Fou d'Absinthe for me but not a specific note per se . . . and, yes, it feels like an autumn scent to me as well.

    P.S. The sample pack I received is labeled G.Nejman with no mention of M.Micallef in sight - I wonder if they may be looking to differentiate the two lines created by husband and wife? Having said that, Luckyscent now have Le Seducteur - included in the Micallef range.
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