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    Default Used clothes and accessories

    I often buy used clothing, bags, etc and am curious how common this is for Basenoters.
    Am I alone in this? Does anyone else buy from secondhand or consignment stores?

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Default Re: Used clothes and accessories

    Thrift store shopping is a big hobby of mine. I love older stuff, and find as much that I like in a thrift store as I do in a new clothes/bags/etc. store.
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    Default Re: Used clothes and accessories

    When I was in the city, I *LOVED* shopping at used clothing stores. I found the most adorable things! Purple velvet jackets with cherries embroidered on them, fun skirts, cute purses and hats! One of my roomies was afraid to buy clothes at these shops because her mom had scared her with stories of scabies. Scabies, unlike many other diseases, is treatable. And scabies is simply an eight-legged bug, easily killable with pyrethrins or washing in hot water for 15 minutes. Anyway, I never got scabies from used clothing. (And I certainly didn't put the velvet jacket through the washing machine.)

    Where I am now, clothing stores are few. So I shopped at thrift shops for maternity clothes, and found some awesome designer maternity clothes there! Wow! (Plus, some of these shops have some really great old books!)

    Yep, I love used clothes and accessories!
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    Default Re: Used clothes and accessories

    My daughter is the queen of thrift store shopping! Her and her friends find the coolest stuff. I've gone with her a few times....I tried very hard to s-q-u-e-e-z-e my feet into those brand new maybe worn once $12 Ferragamo flats that were a half size to small lol.

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    Default Re: Used clothes and accessories

    Once I bought a Bugatti coat from a vintage store and still have it and loved it.
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    Default Re: Used clothes and accessories

    It's an underdeveloped culture in Germany, though things have improved in recent years. But men's clothing has little class in Germany compared to England and Italy, so it's hard to come across quality threads. I do much of my "serious clothing" buying (i.e. Jermyn Street and Savile Row) on and get the "fashionista" stuff that falls apart after one season through yoox and a handful of stores in Frankfurt. I do not buy second hand shoes - that just seems icky and pointless.
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    Default Re: Used clothes and accessories

    I enjoy buying 2nd hand vintage tees, no brand in particular. I think they look much nicer than alot of the new tees out in the market. The best place for that kind of shopping is in BangKok at one famous Chatuchak Weekend Market It can be a mess trying to sift through the stacks of clothes. But Its good fun and fulfillment once you find the ones you like. I bought a number of 2nd hand authentic berkies sandals when i was there... Prices there are so low that I hear that many Japanese tourists would buy in the bulk and bring them back to Japan to sell at supper high prices since the vintage dressing theme was pretty big at one point.I still remember i paid just 3-4 bucks for a vintage sunkist tee, which I am sure would have been sold for much much more in my own country....
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    Default Re: Used clothes and accessories

    Thank you for answering my question.

    I shop at a nice-and cheap- consignment shop, only 2 blocks from my house.
    Plus I can make a few bucks here and there by putting my old stuff on consignment

    I've bought bags, belts, shirts, dresses, etc from Goodwill. When I can find things.
    We have quite a few thrift stores for a town of oh, Idunno, 10 or 15,000?
    And then there's ebay ... And yard sales ...

    Oh BTW I've never gotten scabies and have never heard of anyone getting them (no one I know anyway).
    I wash everything well before wearing. But I can understand the concern there. *Eeek*
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    Default Re: Used clothes and accessories

    I economize on clothes and bags so as to have more $$$ for perfume. Marshall's, Wal-Mart, Salvation Army-- the place I buy makes no difference to me as long as the item looks good. I won't buy used shoes, though-- no risk of contracting toenail fungus for me, thank you very much.

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    Default Re: Used clothes and accessories

    In California there are some consignment stores that are absolutely unbelievable. Many items are still new with tags or haven't ever been worn. I won't wear pre-owned slacks, jeans, etc.. but absolute luxury shirts, coats/jackets, and ties can all be found for pennies on the dollar.

    I once saw a genuine Hermes lambskin coat for $500 at one of these stores. Knowing their products, I knew it was not only genuine but it was maybe 2 seasons old in immaculate condition. The MSRP? $6500.

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    Default Re: Used clothes and accessories

    I am a avid huntress! I buy and sell at consignment shops but I have also been lucky on designer fashions at Sally's (what we call the Salvation Army).


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    Default Re: Used clothes and accessories

    I have an awesome pair of black and grey plaid, corduroy, bell-bottom pants that I bought at Dollar-A-Pound in Boston. Unfortunately, the consignment shops here in the Bay Area have some very lovely designer things, but at some still high prices. I appreciate good fit, design, and construction, but I do pretty well at TJ Maxx and similar. I regularly find Tahari, Michael Kors, BCBG, For All Mankind, etc. By the time things get to the clearance racks, they're as cheap as consignment. I once even came across a Carmen Marc Valvo evening gown at Marshall's, but had to decline it because I already have too many evening gowns that I don't get to wear. I agree that you can't beat a good consignment store for the best funky, one-of-a-kind items.
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    Default Re: Used clothes and accessories

    I actually love shopping thrift stores. You never know what you'll find. One og my friends bougth an authentic Gucci duffle bag (perfect condition BTW) for 1.50$. It depends what days you go, who works there, and who tears through the place before you. I personally have bought Brooks Brothers shirts, a Geoffrey Beene shirt, and some Calvin Klein Jeans over the last year or so. Keep your eyes open, its really worth it.

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    Default Re: Used clothes and accessories

    I agree Stevo!

    I recently found a Ralph Lauren plaid zip sweater with zip pockets in perfect condition at Goodwill for $3.99. The trick for me is to make sure it's the item I want and not the price ... otherwise I pile up junk and don't end up wearing it. But, I have found some real dandies at Goodwill and such. It takes patience and self control to do it right. And of course it is sooo much fun!!!

    Added bonus if you can mend- for yourself- any holes you might find later.
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    Default Re: Used clothes and accessories

    LOL thrifting is like a contact sport for wannabe-fashionistas like me. Since this decade has been all about re-interpreting past trends it's way easy to take a thrift piece and make it edgy again with a few alterations or just a different presentation. Then I like mixing it up with on-trend cheap pieces from Forever 21, H&M, plus occasional splurges at Zara, American Apparel or Urban Outfitters.

    Consignment's a bit more of a hit and miss -- too many cocktail dresses and fine leathers that I don't have use for -- but the jewelry selection is unbeatable.

    But, of course, every time I go to a thrift shop, flea market, consignment or antique store I am desperately hoping for a great fragrance find. I ran across Lucienne in a flea market once. I'd had no interest in that fragrance *and* the bottle had been lying in the hot sun for god knows how long, but I'm still annoyed with myself for not getting it. I think it was ridiculously cheap at $7, too. Sigh!

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    Default Re: Used clothes and accessories

    Oh yeahhhh, I need to check the flea markets, antique stores, etc for fragrance deals!!
    Thanks for reminding me Aznavour!

    I know that feeling of regret when you pass up a great find after too much hesitation and what not.
    At the same time, I have to be disciplined since my budget gets pretty stiff.
    Sometimes I'll buy one thing. Then soonafter find another. And cannot get the one because of the other.
    Ah well, I'm spoiled enough anyhow.
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    Default Re: Used clothes and accessories

    Where I live it's very laid back fashion - seriously, you can go to the opera in jeans and no one would think twice about it. It's not a good market for high fashion items. I've randomly gone for the entertainment, but have never found anything when I have. When my mom retired, she was considering consignment for $500-600 suits just to clean out her closet and they basically told her there was no market for that here. The few she decided to get rid of I got first pick of, but I have my own collection of suits, too. I acquired so much clothes working in investments that I feel guilty buying anything anymore - 3 closets full of stuff and I maybe wear 1/3 of it regularly because the job I have now, even though I'm the CFO, is very laid back in terms of dress. I have vintage stuff that I acquired from my grandmas, but no where to wear it to.
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    Default Re: Used clothes and accessories


    The fashion where I live is laid waaay back.
    The thrift stores are very cheap- I mean very! There are a couple of higher end boutiques, but I don't know anyone who actually shops there.

    I usually feel awkward if I dress too fashionably.
    I'm glad I can wear what I like to work. I'm much more comfortable that way.

    Maybe you can wear your nice vintage threads whether you have anywhere to wear them or not ...
    or you could show up for work one day in one of those awesome suits! I feel like doing something like that sometimes. Dressing up for no reason at all. It could be fun
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    Default Re: Used clothes and accessories

    I don;t buy used or thift clothes, only accessories. I always buy clothes for cheap (sales, coupons, discounts, clearances), I never pay the original/full price/MSRP.
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    Default Re: Used clothes and accessories

    I prefer worn in used clothes and always shop at goodwill/thrift. I don't feel comfortable in new clothes
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    Default Re: Used clothes and accessories

    I love going to thrift shops. I like to see the unexpected. And it's fun shopping in these stores. =)

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    Default Re: Used clothes and accessories

    Absolutely! It's part of my philosophy: reduce, reuse, recycle.
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