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    Default Re: Which fragrance(s) seem to affect your mood the most?

    Quote Originally Posted by Un profumo affettuoso View Post
    YEAH!!! I do recall it! It was a very natural, quality rose - indeed - it as wonderful. They don't do any fragrances at all nowadays, because the Rose Scent did not sell well 10 years ago. I'm going to ask a friend of mine who is a passionate "user" of Dr Hauschka's though, she might have the odd bottle somewhere stored away in her cupboard.
    WOW, Signora Affettuoso!
    Tell your friend I will send her nice things!

    I wonder if I could call Dr. Hauschka central, if there be any bottles of old stock anywhere. I could finagle.
    Maybe the good Frau Doktor Hauschka has some at home. Anyone know where she lives? (not serious)

    I am glad you recall it. I remember, too the sales person mentioning that it used only natural attars, and no doubt with the surge in rose and santal, it's not even a make-able thing these days. SAD!
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    Default Re: Which fragrance(s) seem to affect your mood the most?

    There are quite a few scents that I hold in high esteem and I think each has a special afftect. In the way of example L'heure bleue is what I wear when I am in a somber, reflective, or blue mood. Cologne du 68 I wear for cool days of spring when a light fragrance reminds me of walking in the flower garden. Vent Vert when worn reminds me of calming long grass moving at the whim of the wind with a smooth, slightly sweet aroma. Habit Rouge Beau Cavlier calls to me when I sit in the evening reading a good book. Coromandel I wear when I want to feel classy and dress for after 5. Of course there are many more that I enjoy but, brevity beckons me to arrive at the fragrance that makes me feel alive and which identifies with me, and I with it; of course, as you might guess there are no combinations of words that can explain my love of the lady of mystery, Mitsouko. It and I are; therefore, we are one.
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    Default Re: Which fragrance(s) seem to affect your mood the most?

    Spritzing on Prada transforms me into a bitch on wheels! It's become my PMS fave!

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    Default Re: Which fragrance(s) seem to affect your mood the most?

    Fumerie Turque makes me feel festive as it was my 1st Serge and I got it for Christmas (rolled in it like a kitten in catnip)
    Iris Ganache makes me feel melencholy as it was my late Mother's last gift to me, subsequently I wore it to her funeral, this mood may change as I am still deeply grieving.
    Chypre Fruite is a zinger which usually gives me a jolt like that 1st sip of coffee on a workday.
    My "I can seduce any person with a pulse" scents are MKK, Black Aoud, Red Aoud & Stella Rose Absolute layered over skanky musk oil.
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    Default Re: Which fragrance(s) seem to affect your mood the most?


    chanel5 edp=sex mood
    poeme=melancholic mood- same about sacrebleu
    fracas=perfect dress, perfect shoes, perfect makeup- usually when going out
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    Default Re: Which fragrance(s) seem to affect your mood the most?

    I would start by saying what's been said by many: I do not tend to keep or wear a perfume that doesn't have this ability to change my mood in some more or less predictable way.
    I've been trying to devise some sort of "rubric" for putting stars on my samples and bottles of perfume for the wardrobe. When something ranks at 4, this means I am starting to get some of this connection with my mood. When I start getting a connection between the perfume and my mood, that's where usually 3 stars change into 4 stars... or even 5 stars!

    Pure White Linen grounds me. I wear it when I know that I have a long day at the University and will be seeing a bunch of people. Every time I catch a whiff of my perfume in the air, I feel instantly reassured, grounded, and collected.
    Miracle by Lancome... I call it "my pink gingerade." One time I experienced it as a pink halo over my head. It's has a carefree, no-control-necessary, hang-out-with friends quality for me, but it works for work as well, just makes me more smily and chatty (rather than more serious and concentrated as PWL).
    Fleurs de Rocaille is likely to be my next purchase. The initial burst of aldehydes and flowers always makes me stop in my tracks, throw my arms to the sides and take a deep breath with a smile -- rather, a grin! -- on my face. I love it. It makes me feel... well, me. Serious and sensual at the same time. Happy and reflective. I think I am in love so please stop listening to my ramble :-)

    I won't be able to say better than Morgaine did; me too get purry and cuddly from some amber accords. In fact, I spray BBW Sensual Amber (heavy on fruit and vanilla) on my winter shawl that I keep for wrapping in when I'm at home.

    If I need a jolt of energy, as BayKAT put it before, an offlactory espresso, I go for Ma Griffe, but only for the earlier version. 2000s reformulation doesn't do it for me.

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    Default Re: Which fragrance(s) seem to affect your mood the most?

    Generaly Citrus fragrances affect my mood very much. Hope to future and freshness (D&G PH , Creed SMW , Aqua Di Gio)
    Rochas Man increases calm and confidence on me. With D&G PH i have this feeling too.
    By YvesSaintLaurent fragrances i think i'm unique and different! (Opium , Kouros)
    By Chypre and Woody scents i'll become serious and rough.
    By Aramis Devin i'm thinking i'm full of experiece and i should advise people !!!

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