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    Thumbs up Mazzolari Mazzolari IS Balmain Ivoire

    A curious thing happened when I retried Mazzolari's Signature 'fume. The first time I was just confused. It has slightly hard green top-notes and a tangy vetiver-like dri-down. Over-all, there's a golden quality that kind of knocks the wind out of me. Gradually, it calms and I am left with a mellow, day in the sunshine and golden grass.

    Well, I really liked this as it was calming down & thinking of ordering it, when it hit me, I've smelled this before. A stronger version, and it's Balmain's Ivoire. I've had this ever since I bought it at TJMaxx for $15 early in my perfume adventures 2 yrs ago!

    The main difference is; Ivoire is stronger, at least 2x as powerful, I would estimate. Try it and see what you think.

    Mazzolari By Mazzolari Sandalwood, vetiver, spices and subtle citrus and green notes

    Ivoire de Balmain by Pierre Balmain is a floral fruity fragrance for women. Ivoire de Balmain was launched in 1980.

    Top notes are: aldehydes, chamomile, asafoetida, mandarin orange, violet, artemisia, marigold, bergamot and lemon;
    middle notes are: nutmeg, carnation, cinnamon, narcissus, pepper, orris root, jasmine, turkish rose, neroli, ylang-ylang and lily-of-the-valley;
    base notes are: sandalwood, tonka bean, amber, patchouli, musk, raspberry, vanilla, oakmoss, vetiver and incense.
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    Default Re: Mazzolari Mazzolari IS Balmain Ivoire

    Interesting! I like Ivoire a lot, but from your description the Mazzolari sounds like one I could fall in love with!

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