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    Default CDG 2 MAN: A Revelation

    Up until this day, I've always preferred Gucci PH for reasons we have all discussed before. It was a few moments ago that I completely changed my mind. Where Gucci PH changes rather quickly and loses the pencil shavings I love so much into something so subdued, CDG 2 Man retains the woody, incense, and smoke character it began with. One might call 2 Man more linear since it doesn't morph as much as the Gucci but I find the 2 Man to be some incredible juice and think it is FBW. It would great on it's own and I bet it would layer nice with Hinoki a well!
    Is the juice worth the squeeze?

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    Default Re: CDG 2 MAN: A Revelation

    I have and enjoy the CdG 2 Man shower gel. It's fragrance oils stay with you long after the shower is over making the need for a fragrance unnecessary. Try it if you get a chance.
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    Default Re: CDG 2 MAN: A Revelation

    I like them both and own both, I find them different enough to warrant this. Gucci becomes very sweet and is more suitable for cold weather. I agree with you on 2MAN being a very linear fragrance. I like that it works well on hot summer nights. I can't wear Gucci in any sort of summer heat. But I do like it more than 2MAN.

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    Default Re: CDG 2 MAN: A Revelation

    Count me as a fan.

    CDG 2Man combines the smoky woods of GPH and the dark vetiver of Encre Noir. I find it preferable to.both.

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    Default Re: CDG 2 MAN: A Revelation

    CDG 2Man, like the other CDGs I've tried, disappears on me incredibly quickly. Too bad, since I like it while it lasts!

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    Default Re: CDG 2 MAN: A Revelation

    I applied one spray to the chest (from a sample) and I kept getting gorgeous wafts all day yesterday until this morning!
    Is the juice worth the squeeze?

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    Default Re: CDG 2 MAN: A Revelation

    Yes, I love the longevity of 2Man. And I agree with Ruggles on the shower gel (and the after-shave gel, too). Any one of the three products is enough for a beautiful scent all day long. I only use the shower gel for shampoo, but it's still noticeable all day long. And I just LOVE doing the "wall of wood" effect by using all three products together. It's like a symphony. Monstrous, penetrating, but refined sillage. It's just textbook sillage - they way it should be. Noticeable, making people smile and sniff the air before your eyes, but never offending. Changing and shifting slightly as each product takes the lead, with a slightly different take on the theme.

    Oh, CdG! Where were you when I needed you in my youth?

    Where was I? Oh, yes. Did I say that I liked 2Man?
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