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    Default Gianfranco Ferre Acqua Azzurra

    I just saw this recently at Nordstrom for the first time. I didn't think it was anything special or worth purchasing. Has anyone else tried it?

    From Fragrantica:

    The magic of the Capri Island arrives in April 2008 with the new edition by Gianfranco Ferre. This year's inspiration for the creators was the mystery of this island, its passionate scents and natural beauty.
    The myth about irresistible Mermaids' song makes this very masculine fragrance even more mysterious. Acqua Azzurra for Men is empowered by azure wafts of aquatic accords, mirrored on the bottle and outer box as well.

    Acqua Azzurra for Men is introduced as powerful, fresh and intense. It seduces with notes of bergamot wrapped in aromatic aroma of lavender blended with orange blossom bouquet. The heart brings violet leaf, elegant notes of white rose and a touch of ginger. The base introduces sea notes, Guaiac wood and patchouli which create Mediterranean character of this fragrance.

    The bottle is elegant, simple-lined, glass made, and makes an ideal match to the luminous notes of Capri captured in it. It is azure colored, with blue and metal colored top. The outer box is bluish-grey what enhances the impression of sky, sea and sea notes.

    The fragrant sea elixir Acqua Azzurra comes as 100ml (3.4 fl.oz.) EDT, with matching shower gel and deodorant.

    The fragrance is created by Marc Buxton.
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    Default Re: Gianfranco Ferre Acqua Azzurra

    Tried it in Italy recently - pleasant but not interesting enough to justify a purchase.
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    Default Re: Gianfranco Ferre Acqua Azzurra

    Awful stuff. Buy Avon instead.
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    Default Re: Gianfranco Ferre Acqua Azzurra

    i have triend it ... nothign special.
    i like the orginal ferre for man more... the one in the same bottle .

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    Default Re: Gianfranco Ferre Acqua Azzurra

    I saw it at Nordstrom as well... I wanted to try it, but had no more real estate on my arms.... Next time...

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    Default Re: Gianfranco Ferre Acqua Azzurra

    This is a nice mature smelling aquatic. I like it.

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    Default Re: Gianfranco Ferre Acqua Azzurra

    Sounds quite interesting.. I'll have to keep my eyes open

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    Default Re: Gianfranco Ferre Acqua Azzurra

    Buxton is one of my favorite perfumers, so I would like to try this. Although I usually don't enjoy aquatic scents.
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