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    Default Fake acqua di parma profumo?

    Dar basenoters,
    i recently purchesed two bottles of acqua di parma's profumo for around 150 $ each.
    a bargain perhaps. The boxes were damegd and the bottles themselves arent gold painted which may explain the low price. I've seen these packages advertised on reputable sites elsewhere but im a bit concerned that i have been ripped off.

    the smell of the perfume is exactly that of the small cedar strips one would use for lighting cigars and becomes quite annoying after a while. The sillage is good and the longegivity as well but there is almost no development of the smell after the topnotes burn off al that remains is this cedar smell. nothing else.
    Any idea's?

    cheers, david
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    Default Re: Fake acqua di parma profumo?

    I don't have any answers, but I thought I would bump the thread in case any of the other readers missed it!

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    Default Re: Fake acqua di parma profumo?

    That looks just like the bottle I have. I doubt if it's a fake. It has a lot of moss in it, and it may be that it just doesn't sit well on your skin. I have the idea this is more appreciated by women than men.

    By the way, I just noticed my bottle is leaking from the atomizer. The tube has evidently been drawing up juice & it's been leaking out all this time! I'm going to look for the cap & keep it sealed from now on. I think it's beautiful stuff!
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    Default Re: Fake acqua di parma profumo?

    I'm not sure I have an answer but last year Profumo was repackaged (it went from a dark red box to a champagne gold) and the formula was slightly altered. The older formula was more "mossy".

    From your image I can say you have the older and IMHO the better version.
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    Default Re: Fake acqua di parma profumo?

    I would doubt anybody would fake it.
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    Default Re: Fake acqua di parma profumo?

    I bought Profumo about 12/18 months ago and it was exactly the same bottle and box. I have had a decent decant of Profumo before purchasing and it is the same. The fragrance is very 'lemony' to me - or mossy.
    I don't think you have been ripped off. I love the stuff too - but it is 'mossier' than the newer supposed chypres going around.
    Good buy!
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