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    Default Fake Acqua di parma profumo?

    Dear basenoters,
    i recently purchesed two bottles of acqua di parma's profumo for around 150 $ each.
    a bargain perhaps. The boxes were damaged and the bottles themselves arent gold painted which may explain the low price. I've seen these packages advertised on reputable sites elsewhere but im a bit concerned that i have been ripped off.

    the smell of the perfume is exactly that of the small cedar strips one would use for lighting cigars and becomes quite annoying after a while. The sillage is good and the longegivity as well but there is no development of the scent after the topnotes burn off, all that remains is this cedar smell. nothing else.
    Any idea's?
    see the attached file for the product
    cheers, david
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    We are always three ... counting my shadow and my friend the shimmering moon
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    After all festivities the guests must depart. This sadness I do not know.
    When I go home, the moon goes with me and my shadow follows me

    Li Po - II bc

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    Default Re: Fake Acqua di parma profumo?

    Mine looks exactly like yours. It is not a fake; it is a vintage Profumo prior to reformulation. The new Profumo has a golden-tinted bottle (same shape), with a gold atomizer.
    However, my Profumo doesn't smell like cedar, maybe you're confusing cedar with oakmoss? Do you get a plummy note throughout the notes?

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    Default Re: Fake Acqua di parma profumo?

    I don't really think anyone would bother to counterfeit that fragrance, it just doesn't sell very much.

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