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Thread: Speaking of Tea

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    Default Speaking of Tea

    Ok, we weren't speaking of tea, but I guess we are now. I had a really interesting experience yesterday when my mom took me for high tea to celebrate the fact that I'm getting OLD.

    Some of you will know that I find the intersection of taste and smell interesting. I don't mean perfume that smells like food, as much as perfume and food that capture that moment that you sometimes get when food has a perfumey quality. It often hits at the back of the throat, like lemongrass, or citrus zest. Or how Tom Ford's Purple Patchouli has a grapey quality that makes it smell purple without smelling like grapes. Or violet gum. You see where I'm going.

    We had three teas, all by the tea guys, and two of them really captured that taste/smell experience, in a way I that made me think that I couldn't wait to share the experience with all of you. (Cause I think you'll get it.)

    First and too a lesser extent was the mango rose tea, which is a green tea. The total here is more than the sum of the parts. Both rose and mango are lovely in tea, but together they are spectacular. I wonder how it would translate to fragrance. This really got the perfumey edge of the fruit. The rose and the mango just feed off each other. An amazing tea, and interesting idea for fragrance.

    We also had Vanilla Chai tea. This was like drinking the way a perfume smells. I can't think what this reminded me of, maybe La Labo Oud! Maybe something else. Black tea based, this tea was extremely smokey. Somehow it translated to a leather for me.

    I found this a really interesting experience. I also very much recommend The Tea Guys.
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    Interesting post, Debbborra! I think I get what you mean, particularly with the lemongrass and violet gum examples. Sometimes Indian food will make me think of perfume, especially when it's fragrant with cardamom!

    That mango rose tea sounds absolutely heavenly!!!

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    High teas are delish.
    Unfortunately, I'm highly conservative in my choice of tea - I'll drink any variety of black or green, as long as there's nothing fruity in it (horror of horrors)
    Give me a Darjeeling first flush any time of day, though. Apart from Darjeeling, I always have several green teas: a jasmine, a smoky one and an alternating "experimental" green: I used to drink a really nice green tea with rose and lemon grass, and these days I have a lemon and myrtle green.
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