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    Default Putting on those 1ml samples

    How do you try them on without pouring half the bottle on your skin? I've been using that little plastic rod and repeatedly dipping it on my skin, but I can barely smell the frag :-(

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    Default Re: Putting on those 1ml samples

    I put my finger over the top and turn it over. That only gets a touch of the fragrance though, so you have to do it a lot, but it gives control.

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    The plastic thing pretty much sucks

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    Default Re: Putting on those 1ml samples

    I buy small plastic atomizers from Accessories for Fragrances and transfer the contents, then spray on.

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    Default Re: Putting on those 1ml samples

    1ml is about 4-5 sprays of a fragrance anyways so I just dump it on my chest and dab my wrists on the juice. Doesn't project more or less than spraying the same way.

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    Default Re: Putting on those 1ml samples

    I use a Q-tip.

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    Default Re: Putting on those 1ml samples

    Hi moxie101! I like your name; Moxie is my favorite soda. Anyway, you might find these threads useful:

    best way to apply from 1 ml sample vials? and

    Best way to apply vials?

    If I plan on using up the entire sample in a couple of wearing within a short period of time, I just tip the vial over against my skin (chest, forearms) and rub it around, leaving trails of juice where the vial passes over my skin. Then I rub my forearms together lightly and wrists across my chest to spread it around. Yes, there's probably some contamination of the vial, but again I'm going to use the stuff up quickly.

    Otherwise, I use the cocktail straw method; or if the sample is 2 ml or more, I transfer it to a sprayer. But I've just had to place another order with the wonderful Sally at Accessories of Fragrance for more atomizers, and I really should cut back on the number of sprayers I go thru!
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    Default Re: Putting on those 1ml samples

    I open it, tip it upside down to dampen my finger, swab my finger on my arm, and sniff. That lets me know if there's a moderate chance that I'll like it. If I dislike it, it's over, and I put the sample in my giveaway heap. If I'm fairly sure I might like it, I'll dump it in a cheap plastic atomizer and spray it. And if that goes well, I'll buy a larger, spray sample from The Perfumed Court to reconfirm my opinion before I spring for a bottle or large decant.

    I'm well aware that this will eliminate some fragrances that just don't present themselves well in tiny, tiny amounts. But I have way too many samples as it is, so I'm going with this for the foreseeable future.


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    Default Re: Putting on those 1ml samples

    Am I the only one who puts the vial directly to my skin? Why put it on your fingertip first? It's wasteful & then you have to wash yopur hands or you'll get it in your eyes or mouth or something awful will get ruined & smeared. NO, I just hold the open vial up, put my wrist or top of arm over it, hold vial tightly against arm, tip it upside down, rub it around a little, then turn arm back over so vial is right-side up again. My vials last a LONG time this way.
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