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    Default expensive lipstick feathers like CRAZY - what would you do?

    Hello all,

    This past weekend, I hunted for and found a beautiful red lustre lipstick. It's a Lancome, a new featured color called Rouge Radiance in their L'Absolu Rouge line, and I happily plunked down $29 for it.

    I wore it to work today and it feathered like mad. I don't wear lipliner, and I guess it would have helped somewhat, but I've just never had a lipstick do this to me in this extreme - including other Lancomes.

    This was purchased at Macy's. I have the receipt and the box, and there is a sticker on the box marked 'required for return'. But I will say that I have never, ever attempted to return a cosmetic, and never would have dreamed of returning a used product before. Does anyone have any experience with this? Am I going to get laughed off the counter, or will they work with me on either refunding or exchanging for a product that doesn't give me this problem?

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    Default Re: expensive lipstick feathers like CRAZY - what would you do?

    Why not try out a lipliner? I'm sure Benefit and L'Oreal do clear ones.

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    Default Re: expensive lipstick feathers like CRAZY - what would you do?

    They will refund you or exchange it, just tell them the problems you had with it. Don't worry about it, they just send it back to Lancome distributor and get replacement product. You'd be surprised how many people return cosmetics, even used. I think it's good policy considering all the billions of dollars spent on them every year. You want satisfied customers.

    I do think that reds in particular require a lipliner though, but that doesn't mean the product isn't off. Take it back and don't feel bad about it.
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    Default Re: expensive lipstick feathers like CRAZY - what would you do?

    I've always had a problem with red lipsticks feathering, no matter what the brand. It's my skin. I recently found a wonderful product which solved the problem beautifully. It's called "Borderline" and it's made by Too Faced cosmetics. It's sold at Sephora. The jumbo pencil is made of a clear waxy substance which prevents the lipstick from bleeding. Best of works!
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    Default Re: expensive lipstick feathers like CRAZY - what would you do?

    I'd look for a lip primer or something like RHM describes. I use MAC's primer under face makeup and it's amazing stuff.

    I've been using a lip liner all over my lips as color, then a sheer gloss over that. I don't seem to get feathering with that.
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