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    Default Finally trying fruit -- would love some suggestions!

    Hi guys, I'm moving on to ~fruit~ fragrances. This is a general type I've avoided altogether so I'd really appreciate some suggestions. I'm looking for something that is:

    - not fresh
    - not floral (some floral is okay; something that is significantly floral isn't really my thing)
    - not citrus (I know some of the ones listed below have grapefruit, but in general I'm not looking for a very citrusy scent)
    - doesn't just end in a musk
    - is not sheer or soft or otherwise faint
    - has realistic notes

    So far I've listed:

    SL Bois et Fruits
    MPG Bahiana
    Delrae Bois de Paradis
    Byredo Pulp

    The Aqua Allegorias are on the whole too light and fresh for me; the DKNY apples are a little too car-freshener-y. Mure et Musc didn't thrill me. What else should I try?

    I just ordered a bottle of Encre Noire so maybe I'm trying to balance my yin and yang or something with this effort.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Finally trying fruit -- would love some suggestions!

    Never mind, you've already tried those. I was going to suggest the Hermes Jardin series.
    And I don't see a way to delete this post. Can't think of any other good fruities right now.

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    Default Re: Finally trying fruit -- would love some suggestions!

    Looking at your wardrobe, I see you already own several figgy fragrances, and if you like them, it is likely you will appreciate Bois de Paradis which also contains some fig.

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