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    Default ETRO Pegaso - who's tried it?

    Notes: bergamot, neroli, basil, pepper, iris, cedar, benzoin and cistus
    Will be released in Germany in September, but a few folks here have worn it already.

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    Default Re: ETRO Pegaso - who's tried it?

    I gave it a full wearing last week. It starts off fairly promising for the first 10 minutes or so, but then just becomes stagnant and weak on my skin. The pepper and iris are there for me but strangely, they felt uninspiring. The base was faint pepper and cedar and I basically lost interest after a couple of hours. It does smell nice for the first minutes though. For the price point Etro has now put itself needs to bring more game to the court I am afraid.

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    Default Re: ETRO Pegaso - who's tried it?

    I only tried it in a shop: Palais Jamais on one wrist and Pegaso on the other. Pegaso seemed like a nice light green scent, not heavy and substantial like many other Etros. It didn't make a huge impression but it didn't make a negative one at all. Nice but not compelling is how I characterize it in retrospect. I'd try it again.

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    Default Re: ETRO Pegaso - who's tried it?

    Thanks guys. There has been surprisingly little buzz about this one. The notes sound nice but rather conventional and I guess at the new ETRO price point, this is worth trying, but not buying...

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    Default Re: ETRO Pegaso - who's tried it?

    I tried on paper several Etro scents, Anice and Sandalo on skin. I bought Anice, which tends to become my summer 09 scent. The kind lady at the shop added a sample asking which one I wanted. "Pegaso" jumped from my mouth, not really knowing why. When I came back home and tried it on skin I realised why. It smells like Dzongha! sprayed on a scented paper tisssue. I own Dzongha and probably the similarity was what made the name pop out of my mouth subcontiously. As the notes progress it is more Dzongka than tissue (the slight citrus and floral fade making cedar and iris more prominent). It is not bad but the iris-cedar combo has been done better and there are far superior Etros in the range.

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