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    Default MPG options out there

    Hey I came to NYC recently and have been wearing out my nostrils ever since. I had been intending to purchase a couple hard to find fragrances that I hadn't smelled yet, ultimately settling on something from MPG. But the more research I've found, points to this house dropping cold, perhaps already out for the count. This has only intensified my desires.

    I managed to try out 6 or so of the highly appreciated ones on basenotes with Parfum d'Habit being the clear champion out of the 100 ml bottles I tried. Nothing else really impressed me that much, I suspect, because of the reformulations.

    My question is which of the 100ml reformulated ones are worth "settling" on? In my forum digging it appeared that Parfum d'Habit and Eau de Iles were not meddled with much, but the rest of the line suffered significant changes.

    If I am unable to find the 90ml old bottles of classics like Santal Noble and Amber Precieux, should I give up on those?

    What should I do!? (Other than pick up that Parfum d'Habit 100ml bottle)

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    Default Re: MPG options out there

    P.S. What a bummer it is to discover a house right as the entire line is drying up off the market!! Just my luck....

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    Default Re: MPG options out there

    OH can anyone tell me when precisely the formula/ bottle changes took place?

    I may be on to something worth reporting....but the about information would be helpful..

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