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    Default The "Yes We Can" Perfume!

    I don't really visit perfume stores in Korea any more, since they don't stock anything I haven't sniffed before or worth sniffing. But it just happened a few days ago that I was taking a stroll in Seoul with my girlfriend, and I twisted my ankle, which I had broken twice before, on uneven pavement - right in front of a perfume shop.

    So she had me sit in the shop for a few minutes, and lo and behold, what did I discover in the store?

    The Yes We Can cologne by Demeter!

    (click the link below to see the bottle)

    Apparently it's an exclusive release for Korea - something I've never heard of happening, but I guess they didn't want to offend all the Republicans out there in the States, whereas Obama was received extremely well without exception here.

    Demeter's official Korean website describes the scent thus:

    "The Obama fragrance has the green scent of ivy, with its rugged vitality and toughness that enables it to grow in the shade. It's cool and free at the same time, and has a blue vitality and gender-neutral smell."
    (Never mind what "blue vitality" is supposed to be, it puzzles me in the original Korean as well.)

    Of course, I couldn't resist smelling it for myself. From what I remember, it is overall a green scent, with damp grass, green apples and soda sweetness. I guess they were trying to capture the feel-good atmosphere of grassroot movements? And, like most other Demeter scents, it's not terribly complex or does it last very long at all, but what the hell, it's cheap and it's entertaining!
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    Default Re: The "Yes We Can" Perfume!

    Wow. It is sooooo hard to resist making political jokes at this point.

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    Default Re: The "Yes We Can" Perfume!

    Quote Originally Posted by Galamb_Borong View Post
    Wow. It is sooooo hard to resist making political jokes at this point.
    I am not afraid... I was born to do this.

    -Joan of Arc

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    Default Re: The "Yes We Can" Perfume!

    Honest to goodness, lol'd heartily. Great find.

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