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    Default eBay question -- and now one about dabbing vs spraying and Keiko M in general

    Someone's selling Keiko Mecheris (Jasmine, Mogador, Bois de Santal, etc) on eBay for about US$35-$45. It seems like a page from If It Looks Too Good To Be True, It Is especially since he has such few transactions, but the feedback's all positive and this is purportedly a clearance. Is it because it's old packaging? Have any Basenoters bought from this guy?
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    Default Re: eBay question

    I've seen older packaging at the Posh Peasant on clearance for maybe $50 (?) I don't remember, but it was a steep discount (they don't carry the line any more). So, no, it would not be out of the ordinary to encounter this kind of price on KM. I don't think someone would bother faking these scents -- they are not widely known (outside of BN of course!) and their appeal is limited.

    I would request that they post a picture of the actual bottle/packaging; I don't like stock photos like these -- you don't know what you'd be getting. That would be my concern.

    You can also ask them what the source of the bottles are.
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    Default Re: eBay question

    Oh yeah, I remember that sale! I missed out on it to my dismay. Thanks for the reminder, it makes me feel a little better because I, ahem, took the risk and bought one anyway. Not the best eBayer (communication is... not so good) but in the end I bargained it down to $33. If it's bad product then it's not much to lose, but if it's for real then it'll be just about the best perfume deal I've done so far.

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    Default Re: eBay question

    Okay, just got this in the mail and here's the situation: it's in the old packaging and everything looks right (as far as I know, which isn't much). Did KM change its fragrances when they changed the packaging? Because I sprayed this on and while the label on the bottom of the bottle says 'Jasmine' I swear it smells more like... osmanthus or some other white floral. It doesn't smell like my sample of KM Jasmine at all. Does dabbing/spraying really make much of a difference?

    Edited to add: I just dabbed both on paper to test and they're similar, but there's a shot of what I can only describe as an almond-y sweetness in my sample that's missing from the spray. Is it the age of the juice (I mean how old can these be, though)? Heat? Am I just goin nuts?
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