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    Default Jaipur and Body Kouros

    The drydown of Body Kouros is really reminiscent of Jaipur.
    Is it worth the separate purchase?
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    Default Re: Jaipur and Body Kouros

    I've got both and comparing them side by side, do find they are similar. However, they are still distinctive enough. One is clove (Ja´pur Homme), the other is camphor (Body Kouros).

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    Default Re: Jaipur and Body Kouros

    I don`t find them similar, except for the sweetness. Jaipur is formal, mature, conservative, and elegant. Body Kouros is modern, unique, warm, sexy, and OUTSTANDING!

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    Default Re: Jaipur and Body Kouros

    It should come as no surprise: if I remember correctly, Annick Menardo composed both, and they do belong roughly to the same fragrance genre (sweet, spicy, vanillic woody-orientals). Whether you want to own both is entirely your decision.

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    Default Re: Jaipur and Body Kouros

    BK is the most seductive scent around. jaipure is too cloying. bk is just right.

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    Default Re: Jaipur and Body Kouros

    Quote Originally Posted by Dudester! View Post
    jaipure is too cloying.
    sickly sweet

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    Default Re: Jaipur and Body Kouros

    Jaipur BORDERS on being too sweet. I have to find the right occasion to wear it. BK always seems appropriate (if applied in moderation, of course)!

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