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    Default Jaipur and Body Kouros

    The drydown of Body Kouros is really reminiscent of Jaipur.
    Is it worth the separate purchase?
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    Default Re: Jaipur and Body Kouros

    I've got both and comparing them side by side, do find they are similar. However, they are still distinctive enough. One is clove (Jaïpur Homme), the other is camphor (Body Kouros).
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    Default Re: Jaipur and Body Kouros

    I don`t find them similar, except for the sweetness. Jaipur is formal, mature, conservative, and elegant. Body Kouros is modern, unique, warm, sexy, and OUTSTANDING!

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    Default Re: Jaipur and Body Kouros

    It should come as no surprise: if I remember correctly, Annick Menardo composed both, and they do belong roughly to the same fragrance genre (sweet, spicy, vanillic woody-orientals). Whether you want to own both is entirely your decision.

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    Default Re: Jaipur and Body Kouros

    BK is the most seductive scent around. jaipure is too cloying. bk is just right.

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    Default Re: Jaipur and Body Kouros

    Quote Originally Posted by Dudester! View Post
    jaipure is too cloying.
    sickly sweet

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    Default Re: Jaipur and Body Kouros

    Jaipur BORDERS on being too sweet. I have to find the right occasion to wear it. BK always seems appropriate (if applied in moderation, of course)!

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