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    Default Habinita edp or edt?

    I recently smelled this and thought it was bananas good. It's a horrrible time of the year for it but I don't care. I must own it but I'm not sure what to spring for, the edp or edt.

    I've looked around and it looks like I can get the edt for under 30 and the edp for around 100.

    For those guys out there who own this, is the edp worth it?

    Thoughts on the fragrance?

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    Default Re: Habinita edp or edt?

    I really have not been able to tell the difference, between the EdT with the extrait. It is one of those scents that is so well crafted, it maintains its character in both formulations. I do not believe it comes in EdP, if it is the special bottle, with the classic pear shape spray bulb, that is 100ml/3.3oz, that is parfum/extrait, not EdP. I think the extrait just might have a touch more depth in the drydown, but overall they are quite similar.
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    Default Re: Habinita edp or edt?

    Thank you for the clarification!

    I think its likely that i'll go with the edt in this case. Thats an awful lot of extract.

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    Default Re: Habinita edp or edt?

    I only know the edt, and I've known it to be great stuff. My mom visited and thought it was great stuff too, so she took it.

    Good projection and longevity with the edt too. Not a mistake to purchase it at that price.
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    Default Re: Habinita edp or edt?

    I always wondered the same question - thanks for the post and the answers. I still have never smelled this scent.
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