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    Default New niche online store for Aussies
    I haven't shopped with them yet but most of what they have in stock look very interesting and reasonably-priced scents. About 80% designer and 20% niche.I think most are overly priced but some niches are ridiculously cheap, Shipping is free for orders over 85. Here are some interesting ones:
    Annick Goutal are mostly AUD 110, Duel can be had for AUD 72!
    Costume National 50mL EDP Spray, 50mL Body Veil and 50mL Shower Gel for AUD 76!
    Some 125ml Guerlains go as low as AUD70, although I don't know if they are rare.
    Hermes, Serge Lutens,CdG ,etc

    Anyone have some experiences to share?

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    Default Re: New niche online store for Aussies

    Thanks for sharing. I bookmarked them for future references (and maybe purchases)

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    Default Re: New niche online store for Aussies

    :P Amber sultan out of stock.
    AUSSIES, come join our SPLIT GROUP at

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    Default Re: New niche online store for Aussies

    They sell Coriolan for $140!

    3 weeks ago I bought 100 ml bottle (splash) at My chemist warehouse for 29.95.

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    Default Re: New niche online store for Aussies

    I bought Duel, L'Anarchist, Yatagan, Third Man and New West from them several years ago, when their prices were even more ridiculous at around $52. I bought several Creeds from them at around $140 for big bottles. Unfortunately, our dollar sank, and their prices rose.

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