I recently received New Haarlem by Bond no 9 as a gift. At first, I was blown away by its initial top notes; the beautiful smokiness combined with the sweetness. But after a few wearings, I am finding it is just too much of a gourmand to me and very hard to wear in most settings. So I don't think I will keep it. I also tested Brooklyn which also has a beautiful smoky opening and a generally pleasant drydown. But I'm not sure if it should be my first Bond acquistion. This has brought me to Basenotes and it hasn't received much praise as compared to Bleecker St. which some senior members have made powerful proclamations of. I did spray it once on my wrist, but I had also sprayed other Bonds the last time I was at their counter so it didn't leave much of an impression on me. I know I will have to try both side by side, but I would love general feedback on both these scents. Although I was overwhelmed with New Haarlem's syrupiness, I generally tend to gravitate towards stronger scents. So I'm wondering which of these two , Brooklyn and Bleecker, have more sillage and longevity power. I also own and love Creed's Original Vetiver, so I"m wondering how does Bleecker really compare and relate to it. Thank you.