I'm a man. I take care of myself. I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, do unsafe things and so on. I don't think outter beauty should be our most pure piece. It's not what makes us feel good and and it is what can drive us into vanity.


People say, be yourself. Well, that's hard. It's hard to be somebody you're not. Honestly, nobody is 99.9% comfortable in their own skin, believe me.

Confidence is tough too. It takes work to build a confident smile (and keeping it there) when going for a job interview and meeting new friends.


Doing things like getting your hair and nails done once a week doesn't build your confidence up either. It feels good for a day, then your money and time is gone.
Believe me, I know.
I'm trying to decide on where my money should really be going right now.

And food.


A big no no.

"As you get older, you learn what's important in life. Organic food is not important. Taking your kids out for ice cream is."

A quote a friend told me.

Unless, you're rich, then sure. But, hey, I eat the junkiest foods you can imagine and I look good.


Wrapping this up, now...

I would like to meet new friends here. I'm from Tennessee. If anybody wants to talk, just let me know.

From what I know about people, they like you more when you're not dressed up looking you're best.

They like it simple.

Sometimes simple is best.