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    Default Coty Emeraude - the modern one

    Luca Turin and a bunch of Emeraude vintage fans have lambasted the current incarnation of it. Having finally sampled modern Emeraude myself, and even comparing it against Shalimar on the other wrist, I don't see what the fuss about the Emeraude is about.

    The current Emeraude: Lighter, flowerier version of Shalimar. Even without having smelled the vintage Emeraude in context, I'd still choose to wear this over Shalimar. For one thing, this one doesn't have the light "poop" note that Shalimar does.

    OK, even if the vintage Emeraude is 1000x better, I'm still including the current Emeraude (considering it at $10 per ounce) in my regular rotation on occasion when I feel I need a warm frag at home in winter.
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    Default Re: Coty Emeraude - the modern one

    Sometimes it's about what you want to wear rather than what something has been. I feel it's wrong to offer fragrances as being the same fragrance when it's in fact something quite different, on the other hand, I went and hunted down some vintage Poison, and guess what? I actually like the modern, "ruined" version better, despite its large variance with the original.

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    Default Re: Coty Emeraude - the modern one

    Last year I tried what I suppose is the modern version of Emeraude and the modern Toujours Moi. I could barely detect any difference between them. I found them sharp (Emeraude perhaps less so) and the spices were scratchy on the back of my throat. Not for me.
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