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    Default Crazy Libellule Garconnes- Impressions?

    Has anyone tried these yet? I saw NST reviewed a couple of them (aka Crazysticks), but I didn't see them at Sephora or Anthropologie, and I'm curious if anyone has been able to sniff them. I was particularly interested in Jeanne Voyage and the Josephine (a ginger and chocolate fragrance, but is it?).
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    Default Re: Crazy Libellule Garconnes- Impressions?

    I'm really interested in these too. I have some of the 'old' ones (Presque Nu, Dans Tes Bras and the Rose one) and they are absolutely excellent I always seem to have the White Musk in my handbag as an emergency standby and find its a great 'mixer' and tops up pretty much anything in a pretty way. These new ones really sound good - plus the prices are still superb!

    I'm in Switzerland and often visit the UK - does anyone have an idea where I can get hold of the new collection? I'm also going to be passing through Calais next week and might be able to wangle a visit to a French Sephora. Hmm - you know, maybe I should just email the company...

    Hmm well. According to the website, crazysticks are available in Sephora in the US and online from HQHair in the UK. But HQHair doesn't have the new ones. Oh Grrrrr!!!!!! All this publicity about them and we can't get hold of the blooming things! Oh, you don't suppose they're stirring the pot before they release them, do you??? Surely not.
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    Default Re: Crazy Libellule Garconnes- Impressions?

    I use Presque Nu (a lovely musk) at the gym, it's perfect, low sillage but very nice. I like the Vanille Macarons also, and Encens Mystic of course. I hope you find the new ones!
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