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    Default Beauty Encounter good for Bond?

    Do you think the juice is fresh? I need to replenish my New Haarlem and Central Park. I'm not sure where I am going to purchase though.
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    Default Re: Beauty Encounter good for Bond?

    I purchased my Bleecker from BE. The rest came from Ebay, no problems at all.

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    Default Re: Beauty Encounter good for Bond?

    You may want to call Bond directly and see what kind of a discount they're giving now with the code MakeupAlley (MUA). Usually it's 15% off and free shipping. They wrap things up very nicely and include a half dozen samples. And, you know it'll be fresh. 877.273.3369

    I couldn't tell you about Beauty Encounter. They have a great reputation but I personally have little experience with them because I don't want to pay CA state sales tax if I can get something elsewhere and avoid it.
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