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    Default Deodorant Stick/Spray Help!


    I've recently starting using Driclor as an overnight anti-perspirant and it's working well, so during the day I only need a regular deodorant without anti-perspirant.

    This gives a few more options than when I was using a combi deo-anti-perspiran, and now I want to match it to my main fragrances where possible, which are Eau Sauvage during the day and Dior Homme for evenings out. I am thinking of getting either the spray or stick versions of these fragrances but wanted to know what they were like in terms of residue on clothes?

    I used to use the Clinique roll on anti-perspirant and it worked brilliantly but pretty much destroyed all of the shirts I was wearing at the time, I don't want this to happen again!

    Wondered if anyone has had any experience of the Dior deodorants and if they leave any marks on clothing?


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    Default Re: Deodorant Stick/Spray Help!

    I have no experience with Dior deo sticks but if its alcohol free then there should be little or no residue. I have heard that Dior deo sticks and shower gels are of good quality. although i do have a can of Dior Fahrenheit deodorant spray and trust me its a waste of money because it does not last. Luckily it came free with the edt. I have also used before Clinique Happy anti perspirant stick and it really stains the clothes with thick powdery white residue even with minimal application.

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    Default Re: Deodorant Stick/Spray Help!

    Hi philiptasker - Yes, I have used both stick and spray deodorant in the Eau Sauvage. I never had a problem with residue from either product on my shirts.

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    Default Re: Deodorant Stick/Spray Help!

    Thanks for the replies!

    Tanto - Which did you find worked best? Reading JoNnY 4's comment I'm tempted to go for the stick if it has better longevity.

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    Default Re: Deodorant Stick/Spray Help!

    pphilipstaker......The stick has a more concentrated fragrance plus it is more economical, too.

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    Default Re: Deodorant Stick/Spray Help!

    I just use Gillette Deo gel, any kind of scent (would be even great if it wear unscented, since the protection remains fairly the same and is above average, at least to my skin type) and the best part is, it doesn't leave any traces on my shirts and T-shirts.

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