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    Question A question about review publication

    There are a few threads already about reviews, but my question is a bit different:

    As a non supporter, I submitted a few reviews which have still not been published.
    Now, as a supporting member, should I wait until the previous reviews have been published?
    If I resubmit a review, what would happen to the previous review? Or would the pending review pop up and not let me rereview? It has been several weeks since submitting those reviews as a non supporter. I think that when you click on a frag in your drobe, it shows your pending review. So that may help. But, I can't quite remember which ones I've reviewed.

    For now I will just wait and be patient. But I thought I would ask about this. I should probably wait till they're published and edit them then. If it doesn't show my pending review on a frag in my wardrobe, does that mean the submission was not received or denied?

    Thanks for any advice on this.

    PS: I think I've answered my own question and would like to delete this thread, but can't seem to find a delete option under 'edit.' Sorry bout that.
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