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    Default A Book on Guerlain?

    Hey all.

    The historian in me is beginning to become interested in the origins of some of my favorite houses. Like many of you, I have fallen in love with most of Guerlains offerings. Considering their genesis goes back to France's Second Empire (a time I'm particularly interested), I am trying to search for books that may be around on their history.

    Unfortunately, I have come up very, very short in my search. So far I have found one by Elisabeth Barille. I think it is no longer in print and from what I can tell, it is all in French (surprise, surprise). I'm kicking myself for not paying attention in high school French class. I should have been minding my verb conjugations instead of flirting with the girl that sat next to me. Hopefully, if I decide to purchase this rare treasure from Amazon, my wife who speaks and reads French, might be able to help me.

    Does anyone have any excellent reading material to suggest other than Mr. Guerlain's fine website?
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    Default Re: A Book on Guerlain?

    I think I have Barille's book in English, so it definitely exists. Actually you can find reviews of most Guerlain books on Mr. Guerlain's website:

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    Default Re: A Book on Guerlain?

    It does exist in English but to the best of my knowledge it's currently only printed in French.
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