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    Default Looking for a nice, fresh, budget cologne -- thinking maybe Unbound

    I stumbled across a couple of days ago, and have spent the last couple of days browsing reviews.

    I'm looking for a starting cologne that will be well received by the majority of people in my age group (mid 20s). It seems like young people generally go for fresher scents, so I guess that's what I'm looking for.

    Unbound by Halston has some pretty awesome reviews, but I'm concerned how most people call it an Aqua Di Gio clone. I want something more unique than Aqua Di Gio, and I'm wondering-- if I went with Unbound, will everyone mistake it for Aqua Di Gio?

    Ideally, besides for being well liked by the majority of people, I would like something that wont be scoffed at by sophisticated cologne connoisseurs such as yourselves, something maybe a little quirky to fit my personality. It should also be under $65 to fit my student budget.

    I'm also considering Tommy Bahama for Men and YSL Rive Gauche, but these kinda seem like older scents, I'm not sure how my friends would react to them.

    I live in a very small town, so unless I can get my hands on some samples I will be buying blind.

    What do you suggest?
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    Default Re: Looking for a nice, fresh, budget cologne -- thinking maybe Unbound

    Hey man, welcome. If you want the 18-22 year old girls to go wild over you, A&F Fierce will do the trick. A younger scent, but I like the smell. Reminds me of cookies baking.

    Check out YSL L'Homme for a more sophisticated scent and D&G The One. Also, Kiehl's Musk for a animalistic vibe (wait for it to dry before you dismiss this one).

    Ultimately, all that matters is if you yourself like a fragrance. Try on everything and wait around 15 minutes for the smell to dry down on you before you make your decision. No rush. I'll try on a scent several times before I decide to buy the juice.
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    Default Re: Looking for a nice, fresh, budget cologne -- thinking maybe Unbound

    Do YOU like fresher scents? If so, get one. If not, get something that YOU like.
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    Default Re: Looking for a nice, fresh, budget cologne -- thinking maybe Unbound

    Unbound had a much stronger floral note than I had perceived from the reviews. It was still a pleasant scent, And for the price, I couldn't complain much. It also had decent longevity on my dry skin. I owned a bottle of AdG at one point and Unbound didn't remind me of AdG at all. Then again, I'm weird like that with fragrances.

    A few of my favorite fresh fragrances are Allure Homme Sport(metallic bottle) & Platinum Egoiste, The latter most likely will not be a compliment getter from younger women.

    While I wouldn't recommend buying anything blind, If you can get a hold of a sample of Green Irish Tweed to test, Then you could get in on GIT split going on in the For Sale forums at a great price.

    My recommendations are not in the same price range of Unbound but for ~65 dollars you do have A LOT of options. Good luck
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