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    Default perfume field trip with my wife

    i would like to take my wife of 20 years to a good perfume store and let her sample, try, and have a good time picking out a new perfume, that i can give her. i would guess its been 15 years since she has done that. i think its been years since she bought a perfume.

    i recently gave her 14 samples to try.she perferred the "paris hilton heiress" i would like her to also try subtle/oriental/spicy/mysterious. i will get the paris hilton for my wife but i would also like to get her a quality fragrance that she could also wear to the office and maybe one for our evenings. we are both very active 60+ years old.(we live like we are 30)

    could you recommend some to try? i dont want to go to the store with absolutly no direction. thank you in advance

    p.s. if i spend too much she will not let me buy it. im thinking $60-$80

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    Default Re: perfume field trip with my wife

    My mother-in-law is a vibrant 75, and is another mature woman who is suited by scents often thought of as "young." She loves Philosophy's Amazing Grace, and wherever she goes people of all ages approach her and ask what she's wearing. It suits her quite well! However, it is definitely a fresh floral, and not the type of scent you are seeking. (I mention it because of her fondness for "Heiress," which I assume is flowery and/or fruity) I'm afraid most stores won't stock much in the oriental category these days, and most of my suggestions may be hard to find...definitely consider getting some samples online and gifting her with a pretty little box, including:

    Guerlain's Mitsouko
    Chanel Coco (the original, not the new Mademoiselle)
    Serge Lutens/ Sheseido Feminite de Bois
    Guerlain Samsara

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    Default Re: perfume field trip with my wife

    Most of my suggestions will be easy to find!

    Torrente L'Or (available on-line ONLY in the USA, I am afraid);
    Burberry Classic (department store staple);
    FlowerbyKenzo (same as above);
    Donna Karan Cashmere Mist (discontinued, but there is no lack of this anywhere I have checked!).
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    Default Re: perfume field trip with my wife

    Sephora has a good range of oriental fragrances, and if you check their website, you can search by category. If I recall correctly, there is Light Oriental, Woody Oriental and Floral Oriental. Newer releases in the oriental category include Dolce and Gabbana The One, Prada Prada, Tom Ford Black Orchid and White Patchouli, etc. Older releases include Guerlain Shalimar, Chanel Coco and Allure Sensuelle, Givenchy Organza Indecence, Mugler Angel (and all flankers), etc.
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    Default Re: perfume field trip with my wife

    The nice thing about Sephora, too, is that you can buy 1 oz. sizes of many fragrances. I think some of the department stores are doing this now, too. I thought I read someone bought a 1 oz. size of D&G The One at Macys.

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    Default Re: perfume field trip with my wife

    Actually, a nice gift might be one of those Sephora sample kits, where you pay $50 for 5 decants of bestsellers, and then come back with a $50 off coupon for the FB you choose from the group. There is a "classics" collection and a "bestsellers" collection, I believe, and I think they offered more around Christmas time.

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    Default Re: perfume field trip with my wife

    One thing to consider is drydown time. You may think you like something at first, but wait at the very least 10 min to see if it changes into the scent you like. Something like Paris Hilton might smell very different in an hour. you want a scent that will get better over time & last 3-4 hours at least. You might have to take a break, go to lunch & wash your hand/arm & start over. But it will be fun when you find the perfect one.

    One new Dept Store scent I like is Armani Code. It's modern but very pretty. Also, try Chanel, CoCo Mademoiselle. It's a light & champagne-like, peachy fragrance that's easy to wear.
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    Default Re: perfume field trip with my wife

    kumquat is so right about the drydown...part of why I applaud those sample kits of Sephora's. Also, Sephora will decant one or two healthy-sized samples for you for free...perhaps you could stop by and pick up a Coco Mlle or a No 5 Eau Premiere or an Amazing Grace (or all three would be best!) and bring them home and enjoy a few days of experimenting with samples together! Living with each fragrance for a few days is really the best way for you both to decide which scents are your favorite!

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    Default Re: perfume field trip with my wife

    thank you all very much. i will take your advice and go with the sampler sets. i think i'll lean toward Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel.

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    Default Re: perfume field trip with my wife

    Some of the Sephoras carry Tocca line -- I really recommend Brigitte. It's a light spicy aromatic floral. Very wearable, but not "sickly fresh" or "sticky/cloying." I think it's perfect for someone who's active.
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    Default Re: perfume field trip with my wife

    I agree with Kumquat about the drydown.

    It does not seem your wife is a perfume nut; my husband only likes two scents, and those I gave to him. You can't make anyone *love* perfume, much like certain foods. It's an acquired taste. My hubby wears fragrance because he knows *I* like it. I swim in the stuff.

    Some people just are not into scent. (My mom is not into scent. Dad bought her Chanel No. 5 and she rarely wore it. Dad, on the other hand, loves aftershaves and colognes! I am the chip off the old block!) LOL!

    For oriental scents, I have Coco Mademoiselle and D&G The One and they are both tolerated well and receive compliments.

    For florals? Maybe YSL Paris? This is a very floral/rose scent, and I think it also has violet. Worth a try! All of my suggestions are in this price range.

    Happy fragrance hunting!
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