Our Italian journey takes us to the beautiful and dramatic Amalfi coast, where the mountains rise steeply out of the Mediterranean sea. Winding roads lined with whitewashed building climb the sides of the cliffs and villages nestle in the cliffs overlooking the ocean. This fresh, aquatic scent evokes the aquamarine sea cool cucumber and mint float over a bouquet of transparent flowers: ethereal jasmine, delicate violets and heavenly lily of the valley. So soothing and refreshing we plan to keep a bottle of it in the fridge to spritz ourselves with whenever we need to calm down. For a moment , you can imagine you are in a seaside villa, feeling the spray as the waves crash into the rocks. Light and lilting.

Amalfi Notes: cucumber, mint, apple, jasmine, violet leaves, lily of the valley, violet, musk


A visit to the island of Salina, known as the garden of the Aeolian Isles. The rich volcanic soil is incredibly fertile and there is an abundance of exotic flora, filling the island with serene beauty and delightful fragrances. Sparkling orange with a spike of clove leads to a joyful bounty of fruit and flowers: fresh purple freesia, cool iris, juicy peach, deliciously tart raspberries and glossy green leaves, all on a bed of gentle, clean musk. In a more intense concentration, this would be almost aggressively flirtatious, but as a sheer Aqua Profumata it is playful and light-hearted. As deliciously fruity and frothy as an umbrella-garnished beverage, this is the ideal summer scent sweet and fresh, but never too much.

Salina Notes: clove, orange, green leaf, purple freesia, iris, peach, raspberry, musk


Catania is a city on the east coast of Sicily facing the Ionian Sea and, in its honor, Tocca has created a light, easy-to-wear scent that combines the warm, delicious aroma rising from bakeries, delicate flowers unfurling their petals and the fresh wind blowing in from the sea. The surprising thing about Catania is the richness of its notes. Vanilla, jasmine and sandalwood tend to be heavy hitters and we were not expecting to find them in a sheer scent. Once we tried it, however, we were sold on the idea. The sweet vanilla is delicious infused with a salty, citrus-tinged ocean breeze, the muguet and jasmine are understated and airy and the sheer veil of dreamy sandalwood lingers on the skin in the most delectable way. For those who love rich scents and are looking for something lighter for summer, this is perfection. Subtle, sensual and warm.

Catania Notes: rich vanilla, hesperides, muguet, jasmine, sandalwood

$38 for 100ml bottle