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    Default Guerlain Refillable EDT bottles

    I purchased a recent-vintage bottle of Mitsouko EDT in the refillable bottle...but I see that the current version looks quite different. Mine has a copyright date on the bottom of 1982 and can be seen on the left below:

    The juice smells right and is properly labeled with a serial number, so I'm fairly confident that it's legit. (Also? Mitsouko EdT would not be a lucrative frag to counterfiet at any good quality...) I'm just curious as to when the bottle design changed for the refillable EDTs by Guerlain.....


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    Default Re: Guerlain Refillable EDT bottles

    I believe those refill bottles were used in-store only...I might be mistaken though. Mr. Guerlain will have more info on his blog.
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    Default Re: Guerlain Refillable EDT bottles

    Thanks! I see the identical bottle in Mr. Guerlain's collection (OMG, what beautiful photos, Mr. G!) as the L'Heure Bleu hunch after a lot of poking around is that this was the design for the rechargable atomizers from 1982 until about 1989....but I'm sure Mr. Guerlain would know for sure!

    Thank you for the link, sofresh!
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