Hello all,

This is actually my second post here. I realize now after reading the reviews more indepth that my first email was probably not posted by the mods because I asked about Overstockperfume.com and their pricing. I hadn't read any of the discussions about it then but have since - and thankfully it saved me from placing an order with them. Now I know which sites to try and which to avoid - Thanks, Basenoters!

On that note, though, several posts mentioned price matching. My question is which sites offer price matching, and whose prices will they match? I'm dying to try so many new things but this is definitely an expensive hobby to have. My dad used to buy my mom good perfume every year,(but being a creature of habit he stuck to the same ones over and over) so my experience with higher end fragrances is fairly limited. I know Ysatis, First, L'Air du Temps, Dune and a few others. As an adult I've bought myself Gucci, Prada, and the classic Guerlains. But I've not even tried some of the classics like Chanel No. 5 or any of the Diors! If anyone wants to throw out their personal faves that I should try in building a fragrance wardrobe, I'm all ears (and nose, lol). Plus I seem to really like amber - so your choices for good ambers out there would be appreciated as well.

One last question has to do with buying on eBay. Wanting to try some of the scents in their vintage form, I gambled and bought 2 Lanvin frags, My Sin and Arpege. One was about 1/3 full, and the other was still sealed but had some evaporation. Unfortunately after reading Basenotes reviews as well as Turin & Sanchez, I don't smell what I think I'm supposed to smell. They both smell quite soapy and harsh, and there seems to be only a few moments of a nice smell at the very end of the drydown before it fades completely. Would you agree these have gone off? The other thing I bought was an unopened gift set of First, because I wanted to be reminded of my mom (she's gone now). I don't know how old it was but it too smells very harsh and I don't remembering it being so when my mom wore it. Needless to say I'm now wary of trying to smell the original/vintage stuff and yet that's what most people seem to encourage. Any words of advice here? Besides the color getting darker with age, any other clues that a vintage frag might be off? I make sure to ask questions before I buy (was told with the Lanvin they they'd been stored in a drawer for years) but still seem to have bad luck.

Anyway, I'm excited to have found this community. Thanks in advance for your advice!