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    Default Parfums DelRae: Emotionnelle (2008), Mythique (2009)

    Year launched: 2008
    Parfumeur: Michel Roudnitska
    Gender: Feminine
    Notes: melon, tangerine, bergamot, violet leaves, jasmine, rose, plum, cedar, vetiver, carnation and amber

    Year launched: 2009
    Availability: In production (shipping Sept 2009)
    Parfumeur: Yann Vasnier
    Gender: Unisex?
    Notes: mandarin, orris, bergamot, ivy, peony, jasmine, sandalwood, patchouli and ambrette musk.
    For sale: Armani Prive (Cuir, Jade), Yves Rocher, Artisan Ambre body cream

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    Default Re: Parfums DelRae: Emotionnelle (2008), Mythique (2009)

    Still missing.

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