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Thread: Amouage Lyric

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    If you like Lyric Man I'd strongly suggest giving Lyric Woman a shot - it's unlike anything I've come across in the masculine or feminine rose department (including Hommage). Mind you, if you find Lyric Man feminine and that's uncomfortable for you then it might be a bit of a stretch . . . personally, I have no problem wearing it. It tells it's own story.

    Re: XXV, I find it almost an 'oriental gourmand'. I love Dzongkha - the whole meditative, incense temple in Bhutan vibe - and although XXV & Dzongkha are both beautiful and have the same author I find them worlds apart in terms of actual style . . . could never make that connection.
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    I tried this on the weekend and although I found it "nice", it wasn't very interesting or edgy, which is how I tend to like my perfumes. I thought it was a little boring.

    Since then I've been sniffing the sleeve of my shirt, where it was sprayed and I'm really hooked on it. I must say the sillage/longevity is superb and the quality of notes is outstanding. It's also very well blended. Overall, I get a green-bright-sweet rose.

    Now, I really want a decant.

    Quote Originally Posted by SculptureOfSoul View Post
    Either way, I love the scent. It is the most unique rose scent I've come across.
    I found it pretty close to Aoud Damascus, obviously minus the oud.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trebor View Post
    I know but I'd rather not go through the hassle. Blind buys and impulse purchases are things I rarely do now. Besides, I'm still trying to decide between Lyric Woman and Sacrebleu Intense (a sample of which should be with me very soon).
    I understand!
    After a while it gets very hard and tiring all those blind buys and wasted money
    i am still trying to get a sampel of lyric women.

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