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    Default Burberry London Cologne

    Imagine a log cabin in the woods at Christmas and all you can see around you is snow and pine trees. In the log cabin there is a roaring smoky fire that is cackling as it burns the wood and flares brightly within the fireplace.

    Around the cabin there are leather chairs and bookcases and the table is set for Christmas dinner. You are sitting in your favorite leather chair drinking port wine and smoking a tobacco pipe as your girlfriend snuggles up close to you.

    This is what I envision while wearing this it smells of tobacco and leather and has a fruity boozy scent to it which is unique. This scent is very evocative and it makes you think of the fall and winter as well as Christmas. A perfect fall/winter scent that is for the distinguished gentleman.

    This fragrance is a good example that you do not have to spend a small fortune to obtain a good scent.
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    Default Re: Burberry London Cologne

    I agree, I get more or less the same feeling. Yatagan could be a good companion. London for Christmas dinner and Yatagan for long walks in the forest during winter.
    Forest winter outdoor = Yatagan

    Indoor winter /Christmas = London
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    Default Re: Burberry London Cologne

    Nice post to read Jack Hunter. Nice way to describe London. Agreed that its more of a Christmas/winter frag. But i managed to pull it off in hot and humid Malaysia pretty well.

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    Default Re: Burberry London Cologne

    I wish London evolved more slowly and lasted longer.

    Further, I don't classify it as a tobacco/leather scent. As background, Havana is among my top 3 all time.
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    Default Re: Burberry London Cologne

    I love London as well. Great tobacco scent and have been complimented on that aspect many times. I go get good longevity out of it. Although I don't really get any Christmas memories out of it, but there are reasons for that. Great fragrance !

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    Default Re: Burberry London Cologne

    I love it too - especially how the cinnamon, pepper and leather notes compliment one another.

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    Default Re: Burberry London Cologne

    Two others with a similar drydown (and even cheaper): Cuba Red and Mesmerize for men. Cuba is not as vanillic/sweet though.

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