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Thread: Cannabis

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    Default Cannabis

    Cannabis by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo

    A combination of minty and woody, not terribly complex, but refreshing and uplifting. It is not narcotic in the least, and if I did not know it was cannabis, I would guess it was something from the mint family. The mintyness is a bit like spearmint but much drier, a little spicier, very subtle and rounded. The woodyness gives an impression of dirt and bark, and is a tiny bit smoky, somewhat like the drydown of vetiver but much more faint.
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    The only supposed cannabis scent I've sampled is Fresh "Cannabis Santal". I really like it, but I certainly don't find it to smell like any cannabis I've been around. I think most might describe it as "incense" or a "hippie" fragrance.

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    Real cannabis oil is nothing like incense. It's a simple grassy note with a funky rotting vegetable overtone.

    It would be interesting to make an essential oil to capture the terpenoids in the blossoms rather than the leaves. The blossoms, or buds, are what people ingest/smoke to get high, and it has a very different aromatic profile than the leaves. Far more complex. In fact, there are many, many, variations among the cultivated varieties. The best I have smelled has always been organically grown. Insecticides create off notes.

    Partial list of notes in blossoms I have smelled:

    "dank" (=moldy note in among the fresh herbaceous notes)
    fruits: grape, strawberry, mango
    citrus: lemon, mandarin
    herbs: oregano, rosemary, sweet basil

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    Definitely Il Prfvmo, Cannabis, the most original and natural smell, the lasting power and projection are incredible!
    Black Afgano, in my opinion, is not that prominent, not to say not even recognizable cannabis smell!

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    Sycomore has a subtle cannabis note to my nose, and possibly Encre Noire as well.

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    Default Re: Cannabis

    Quote Originally Posted by MonkeyBars View Post
    Real cannabis oil is nothing like incense. It's a simple grassy note with a funky rotting vegetable overtone.
    True that.

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