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    Default Byredo Home perfume products

    I am SO enamoured with Byredo's Scented Candles and Room sprays, particularly ENCENS and BIBLIOTHEQUE... I'd strongly recommend anyone searching for something unique to have a look (unfortunately much of the line has been discontinued, so be quick!)...

    I have just posed a blog on Encens as it is REALLY more-ish, and will most likely post on Bibliotheque in weeks to come. It is truly a ground-breaking blend.
    (See my siggy for link).

    (And, no, there is no affiliation - just loads of enthusiasm) :wave:

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    Default Re: Byredo Home perfume products

    yes they looking great! can you tell me where to buy in germany?
    the online store has only the fragrances not the candles..

    thank you
    scent up your life!

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    Default Re: Byredo Home perfume products

    Have you tried Googling in Germany only?
    I have no idea where they're available in Germany - and as they're a discontinued line, you definitely have your work cut out for you!
    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Byredo Home perfume products

    Oh and the city shopping guides is also another good place to start looking.

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    Default Re: Byredo Home perfume products

    Anyone know if Encence and Bibliotheque can be found at NK in Stockholm? Or are both discontinued for good?

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    Default Re: Byredo Home perfume products

    Wow-- that photo really makes me want to try these. What do you think of their perfumes?
    ~~Huge fan of Hermes, Jean Claude Ellena and Patricia Nicolai!~~ - my perfume notes

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