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    Default Tuberose for man

    About Tuberose perfumes for men

    I like the tuberose note in LArtisan La Chassse aux Papillons

    Tuberose Recomendations , ??

    Thanks !
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    Default Re: Tuberose for man

    You need to try Lutens' Cedre. It has that complex, mentholated tuberose note blended with woody notes. This fragrance does not appeal to everyone. For some, I think the tuberose note is just too strange. But it is a very rich, warm, woody fragrance that works well in winter for me.

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    Default Re: Tuberose for man

    I second the Cedre. Also checkout Lorenzo Villoresi Alamut.

    PVC and Leather. A Chain and a feather

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    Default Re: Tuberose for man

    The new Bond No.9 Harrods for her was originally made for men, and it is a gorgeous tuberose/leather scent that can be very masculine. You should try that one out.

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    Default Re: Tuberose for man

    Noix de Tuberéuse by Miller Harris

    Once you have allowed the slighly floral top notes to dissipate, you are left with a beautifully smooth tuberose infused dry down. It is slightly sweet, but on the right side of acceptable.
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    Default Re: Tuberose for man

    I really enjoy Carnal Flower - it has a very natural, earthy, moist quality to it and the more I wear it the more I appreciate it's artistry . . .

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    Default Re: Tuberose for man

    Cedre makes me feel sick to my stomch...its just *too* much.

    A Travers La Miroir by Thierry Muger is a good tuberose option. Otherwise, Tubereuse Criminelle.

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    Sur la Plage

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    Default Re: Tuberose for man

    Richard James Savile Row - tuberose is not the main/dominant note though
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    Basenotes Institution
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    Default Re: Tuberose for man

    Richard James Savile Row by Richard James (with a lil' bit of tobacco - crisp, starchy, dandy-fied stuff)
    Tuberose Criminelle by Serge Lutens (you have to like the smell of menthol to wear this one - it's quite unique and hard to get a bottle of too...but SO worth it)

    There are a handful of others, but these two would be a good place to start.

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    Default Re: Tuberose for man

    I third Richard James.

    Great tuberose with a little tobacco and suede. A very complex fragrance that evolves very nicely.

    The scent grows richer, he knows he must be near
    He finds a long passageway lit by chandelier
    Each step he takes, the perfumes change
    From familiar fragrance to flavours strange
    A magnificent chamber meets his eye

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    Default Re: Tuberose for man

    I second Carnal Flower - don't be put off by the opinion of some saying it's too feminine. At least give it a try.

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    Default Re: Tuberose for man

    FM Carnal Flower by Dominique Ropion. It's almost a tuberose overdose, almost....

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    Default Re: Tuberose for man

    I love Carnal Flower far beyond reason. But I still do not believe a man can successfully pull off a tuberose soliflore. I always feel like I'm wearing a funny hat when I try to.
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    Default Re: Tuberose for man

    I third Cedre. I honestly cannot see how some people call this one overpowering. It's slightly sweet and a bit intense, but I find the sillage is only moderate. Beauty is in the nose of the beholder, I suppose.

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    Basenotes Institution
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    Miami, FL

    Default Re: Tuberose for man

    I still haven't smelled Cedre, I have to get around to smelling it one of these days.

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    Default Re: Tuberose for man

    Carnal Flower if you can pull it off.

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    Default Re: Tuberose for man

    I think Cedre is a pleasant, mellow ambery-tuberose, but I feel it may be a bit overrated as a mens tuberose fragrance. It's certainly no less sweet than any tuberose soliflore, so why not go for the full deal? ( At least that's how I felt when I tried it before; I may feel different now. ) Personally, for ambery grape-pop tuberose - which I find Cedre to be - I find Dior's Poison more than adequate.

    As Mike said, Tubereuse Criminelle is great, and it's my favorite tuberose. I smell wintergreen, tuberose, vanilla and musk, but mostly a big, gorgeous tuberose note. Some people can't stand the top note, though, so give it a try before you buy.

    Carnal Flower is another great; a pure, green tuberose with jasmine, coconut and musk in the base. It's at the opposite end of the scale from Tubereuse Criminelle.

    Many men are NOT comfortable wearing it, but Fracas is something you should at least try if you like tuberose. In the same vein, Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia is a gorgeous tuberose and gardenia fragrance - I know, right, who would have guessed! - that is purely floral but worth experiencing.

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    Default Re: Tuberose for man

    I regularly wear both Carnal Flower and Tubéreuse Criminelle, and would consider them two good (and very different) starting points for a man experimenting with tuberose. I concur with Galamb_Borong on Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia, too.

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    Default Re: Tuberose for man

    Another vote for Cedre - my fave lutens.

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    Default Re: Tuberose for man

    Definitely Carnal Flower....yeah, ofcourse it's a floral but I think most men should have no issues with that if you are comfortable wearing florals....besides the drydown is musky which should be fine for men who find the top far too feminine...

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    Default Re: Tuberose for man

    From the popularity, Carnal Flower is on the top of my to-try list.....

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    Default Re: Tuberose for man

    I think this fragrance could be called "Fracas pour Homme": XPEC Original

    The XPEC Original fragrance concept:

    XPEC Original was conceived as a fragrance of seductive and individual richness… with qualities of gravitas and power… bold, decisive and very masculine… yet underneath revealing all of the subtlety, sensitivity and charm of the classic English gentleman.

    “Cedarwood, Oak Moss and Pepper gave me a very male character as a baseline. Ginger and Citrus I chose for their qualities of Mediterranean warmth. And, to soften and round these characteristics, I wanted to include Rose too since they are my favourite flowers.

    Tuber Rose is less obviously feminine, and yet it has a mellow, sensual elegance. Thyme provides a contrast, a balance with the rose and to give an uplift, a feeling of excitement almost of hypnotic intoxication. This is what I felt that I wanted in this new man’s fragrance.

    So I mapped out all the words I use to describe this perfume concept, and then placed by each word an essential oil; and presto! XPEC Original was born. This is my expertise – creating a perfumery concept a picture of a fragrance.”

    – Shirley Brody, designer

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    Default Re: Tuberose for man

    Quote Originally Posted by sofresh View Post

    A Travers La Miroir by Thierry Muger is a good tuberose option.
    I agree with ya SoFresh! This is by far the most masculine usage of Tuberose that I have smelled thus far. Plus it's got some really nice woody notes and cinnamon in it as well. Well worth a sniff.
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    Default Re: Tuberose for man

    A great Tuberose fragrance that I've come across is Green Oakmoss from American perfumer Liz Zorn.
    Current Favorite Fragrances:

    1. Rivertown Road Pour Homme, by Liz Zorn
    2. Green Oakmoss by Liz Zorn
    3. Winter Woods, by Sonoma Scent Studio
    4. Parfum De Maroc by Mandy Aftel
    5. Geranium Pour Monsieur by Dominique Ropion
    6. What We Do In Paris Is Secret by Dominique Ropion
    7. Vanillaville by Liz Zorn

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    Default Re: Tuberose for man

    Frederic Malle Canal Flower & Serge Lutens Tubereuse Criminelle
    AUSSIES, join our exclusive niche split club.

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    The Different Company - Oud Shamash, Oud for Love and Aurore Nomade
    Guerlain - Sous Le Vent, Angélique Noire, Bois d'Armenie, Cruel Gardenia, Rose Barbare

    and many more niches up for split...

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    Default Re: Tuberose for man

    Another vote for Cedre, amazing blend of tuberose and wood.
    ***My favourite from my collection***

    -------- Amouage Tribute Attar
    ------ Serge Lutens: Ambre Sultan
    -------- Les Exclusifs de Chanel: Sycamore
    ------ Amouage: Fate Man
    -------- Amouage: Epic Man
    ------ Tom Ford Private Blend: Noir de Noir
    -------- Terre D'Hermès Pure Parfum
    ------ EDP FM: Carnal Flower
    -------- Neela Vermire Creations: Trayee
    ------ Dior: Leather Oud
    ------- Hermèssence: Ambre Narguilé
    Currently wearing: Attar by Montale

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    Default Re: Tuberose for man

    As already mentioned, Carnal Flower by Frederic Malle and Tubereuse Criminelle by Serge Lutens are both excellent choices. However, if you are open to it Fracas by Robert Piguet is a gorgeous buttery tuberose and pretty much the gold standard for tuberose fragrances. Private Collection: Tuberose Gardenia was also mentioned, but I consider it to be more of a gardenia than a tuberose.

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    Default Re: Tuberose for man

    Vierges et Toreros
    For those about to stink, I salute you!

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    Los Angeles, CA

    Default Re: Tuberose for man

    XPEC Original +1

    Love the thyme in this. On the whole, it reminds me very much of the rare Crown Sandringham, but with tuberose in place of muguet. This is the only composition I've tried that has enough dark bitterness to counteract the buoyant heady richness of the tuberose.

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    Default Re: Tuberose for man

    Tubereuse Criminelle is fantastic.

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    May 2011
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    Default Re: Tuberose for man

    Quote Originally Posted by treeman5823 View Post
    Tubereuse Criminelle is fantastic.
    If you like wintergreen with your tuberose. I find this stuff pretty repellant.

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    Paul Kiler
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    Dec 2007
    Southern California

    Default Re: Tuberose for man

    I'm going to recommend an as yet unreleased fragrance, "Gold Leather".

    The notes include Ambers, Tuberose, and Leathers.

    it wears very well, and is quite nice.

    Paul Kiler
    Last edited by pkiler; 19th January 2013 at 10:12 PM.

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    Default Re: Tuberose for man

    Quote Originally Posted by MonkeyBars View Post
    If you like wintergreen with your tuberose.

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    Default Re: Tuberose for man

    Try Khateer ("Dangerous", EdP spray) from Swiss Arabian. It's for men, very masculine and with a strong tuberose note.
    Other officially listed notes: amber, spices, sandalwood, agarwood and musk. I like it.

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