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    Default Lily Pulitzer Frags?

    Hi all,

    I was combing through my local Marshall's and they had 3 scents by Lily Pulitzer: Squeeze, Beachy, and Wink. I was wondering if anyone had tried them. There aren't any reviews in the BN directory yet.

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    Default Re: Lily Pulitzer Frags?

    Welcome, Jen!

    Usu. a fragrance going that quickly to a discount store is a bad sign that the scent is not doing well.

    I like the "Beachy" but don't plan on buying anytime soon.

    Cute bottles and colourful packages, though.
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    Default Re: Lily Pulitzer Frags?

    Yeah, I was just curious really. Thanks for the feedback. I got a Gucci by Gucci giftset with EDP and body lotion for $50, so that made it worth the trip. And a bottle of "L" by Lolita Lempicka for $20. Now I have to start saving for the 29th! (Ok, perhaps one trip to TJ Maxx to see if I spot any gems, lol.)

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    Default Re: Lily Pulitzer Frags?

    Taolady found out and fell in love with Beachy (the blue one) as of the last couple of weeks. She might stop by here and tell you more.

    When I stopped by TJMaxx, they only had Wink (the pink one) there: citrus, sweet fruit, white florals, musk, woods, amber. Felt to me as if it has been manufactured by a chemical concern for cleaning purposes, i.e. not really unpleasant but nothing to be proud of, something that can be described as "scent" rather than "perfume", or smelling very much like a celebuscent. The target audience is teenagers and their grandmas refusing to cope up with their dates of birth and spiking up their maroon hair with orange and black lowlights, there are some like that, you know.

    That said, I adore them little pink and green, blue and green and yellow and orange scarves around the bottle necks. And then, I like scarves in real life too.
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    Default Re: Lily Pulitzer Frags?

    I've been wearing Beachy a bit lately. It gives me the impression of banana without having any banana in it. It's an easier version of Bobbi Brown Beach for me.

    Synthetics abound! I am a card-carrying-member of the synthetic club, having decided I could not beat it. Rah-rah!

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    Default Re: Lily Pulitzer Frags?

    Beachy is a nice wearable (for me) beachy scent with enough floral to suit my general fragrance interests. At 24.99 it seemed like a fun thing for summer and I have been enjoying it. Wink was a a rather synthetic floral and no match for the others in my collection. Squeeze is a pleasant citrus, but I've been prefering Eau Fantasque by Fragonard and Liberte by Cacharel.
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    Default Re: Lily Pulitzer Frags?

    Well, I passed on the Lily Pulitzer frags, but I more than made up for it last night with a last minute order from one of the online stores before their sale ended. It's amazing what great deals you can get when ordering the Tester version. Although I usually try not to buy before I've sniffed, I figure at an average of $20 a bottle, some of those frags are just too tempting to pass up!

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    Default Re: Lily Pulitzer Frags?

    I love the yellow one, Squeeze.

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