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    Default Cologne versions of frags for women?

    Please excuse my newbie ignorance on this one, but I was under the impression that most colognes today were specifically made for men, while women's frags came mostly in EDT and EDP versions. I've come across some vintage femme frags in cologne version and guess I'm wondering whether they're meant for men or women to wear? And in the end, if it's a classic fragrance, does it matter?


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    Default Re: Cologne versions of frags for women?

    Equating cologne with masculine is a product of marketing. Cologne style fragrances are typically unisex, citrus based, and very short lived. EDC, EDT and EDP refers to the strength of the product, not to whom it is intended. However, historically EDPs have often been reserved for scents marketed to women while EDC have either been marketed as unisex or toward men. 95% of today's fragrances come in EDT strength.

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