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    Default Hello Old Friend / Goodbye Old Friend

    Yesterday, as I was doing some re-arranging in my scent storage, an item emerged that hadn't seen the light of day for a while - Esprit du Roi, a discontinued Penhaligon's. EdR is in the classic eau de cologne vein, but is not built around citrus notes sharp as razor blades. Don't know the exact notes, but I'd say lime for the top, a subtle floral/herbal mix in the middle, and a drydown that reminded me of Eau de Patou's in the soft incense echo. There was a nice hit of quinine in there too - just enough to give the lime a powdery outline, but not so much that it became the signature identity.

    I was clean from a long shower and hadn't put on a scent yet at that point in the day. It was looking to be a very warm, dry day with a bit of a breeze. Esprit du Roi was calling out to me with all its qualifications to be the perfect SOTD. But .....there was only enough in the bottle for a full day's wear, no more than that. I hesitated. I knew I hadn't worn this in a long time because it was discontinued and I didn't want to lose it forever. But wasn't I "losing" the fragrance anyway, because I hadn't worn the last usable portion even as it slept and slowly evaporated molecule by molecule in its bottle?

    What would you have done?

    Well, I went at it with relish - sprayed freely, the way an edc should be employed. Reveled in it. Enjoyed the development and drydown like a good book. Received a nice compliment from an acquaintance who leaned in for a hug and a whiff. There was a trace left at bedtime, which I topped up with the very last squirt left. It accompanied my drifting off to sleep. Today the bottle is completely empty, but I don't regret it - we had a lovely last day together.

    Have you ever had to make a decision like this?

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    Default Re: Hello Old Friend / Goodbye Old Friend

    Great story. Haven't had to yet, but my declining bottle of Punjab is looking sadly at me. Perhaps, come winter time...

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    Default Re: Hello Old Friend / Goodbye Old Friend

    IMO your logic was correct

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    Default Re: Hello Old Friend / Goodbye Old Friend

    Very nice story!

    I think fragrances are to be worn and smelt. You can choose either one: in my case, I would not mind using all of the botle of Maxim's, but I would not dare using what is left in my bottle of Macassar or BelAmi. Too many fond memories in them.

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    You probably did the bottle justice and used the juice for what it was intended for. I think I would have kept the little bit that was left for reference purposes. My diminishing supply of Patou PH has almost reached the stage of beng one of my library exhibits.

    Hats off to you for being so bold.

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    Default Re: Hello Old Friend / Goodbye Old Friend

    Great story - it gave me a smile.
    I'm a colognosaurus. Rawr!
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    Default Re: Hello Old Friend / Goodbye Old Friend

    I also think it is a great story.

    I don't know what I would have done in your situation... I honestly don't...
    But because you don't regret it and because you really enjoyed your last day together I think that your decision was the best to take.

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    Default Re: Hello Old Friend / Goodbye Old Friend

    That's a very good story. I am glad you enjoyed your old friend one last time.
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    Default Re: Hello Old Friend / Goodbye Old Friend

    When I direct a play, I never create a video of it and I prefer that there are no photographs of the production if possible. Theatre is an ephemeral art form and is meant to be experienced and then it's simply gone forever. Fragrance is like that, too. I was thinking about this when I bought my MPG back-ups recently. Bravo, my friend! You made the right choice for somebody who truly understands what it means to enjoy the ephemeral nature of some art forms ... and in fact, of life itself!

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    Default Re: Hello Old Friend / Goodbye Old Friend

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the responses. There have been many times when I endeavored to save a few drops of something very special. But remember that even in a bottle, inside a box, in a cabinet away from light and heat, the processes of evaporation and physical deterioration are inexorable, albeit slowed as much as possible. Especially for an edc like Esprit du Roi, the chances of keeping it "forever" - whatever your definition of that might be, are pretty slim. I'd rather that it went out in glory, playing itself out on the warmth of skin, a companion to one person's day. I'll save the bottle for a while, though - the stopper still smells delicious!

    This experience reminds me of a story I read a long while back about an arborist who tended a heritage tree for many years, through injuries and ailments, until it became an unjustifiable hazard and was dying from the inside out. On the day that he had to chop down this much-loved tree, he celebrated its life and significance in various acts, one of which was to don a silk top hat for the occasion along with his climbing gear. I thought that was a very respectful gesture and always remembered it.
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    Default Re: Hello Old Friend / Goodbye Old Friend

    Great story! IMO you made exactly the right decision.
    I'm reminded of the character Miles in the movie "Sideways" who kept saving an amazing bottle of wine for the perfect occasion... only to have life slip by. Eventually he drinks the bottle out of a paper cup with a hot dog in a diner. A poignant moment.
    "Life is short, the art is long, and the opportunity is fleeting..." attributed to Hippocrates.

    And BTW - thanks also for the mention of Esprit de Roi. I thought I knew Penhaligon but that one was unknown to me. Sounds excellent.
    Cheers, ody

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