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    Default help-i cannot delete thread

    Ia am trying to delete my thread in "fragrance wanted." following the moderator's directions I hit "edit" then "go advance". I put in a reason to edit and looked for the "delete this message" button. Cannot find it. Anywhere.

    I think I am using up the moderators patience( I don't blame him), but I really want to learn how to do this without just asking the moderator to handle it.

    Is it possible that I don't see the" delete this message" button because I am not yet a supporter or I don't have enough posts? help

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    Default Re: help-i cannot delete thread

    My mistake. Apparently you have not met either of the three requirements for posting in the marketplace: be a supporter, have over 500 posts or be a member for over one year. I will delete your thread for you.
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